We create digital

We create digital

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redefine fashion

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ThredX is a female-founded startup built with a single purpose in mind:
To inspire all people to see, feel and claim their power.

Our story starts with two young women with an all encompassing interest for fashion and clothing. It’s not a unique background - as many women in their 20s have an affinity to the glitz and glam of the fashion industry. But although they had a love for fashion, they loathed it at the same time.

The result of finding the perfect outfit was a high that could not be beaten - but the journey to get there, shopping, styling themselves, and even getting dressed - was exhausting.

They aren’t sure if it was self righteousness or the bottle of wine they drank that night, but they decided that if no one was going to do it, they were. They were going to create a technology designed specifically for the consumer - for people like them. And then they quit their day jobs…oops!

Technology has dramatically

improved operations for

retailers and brands, yet there

is no technology for us on the

other side

Once we have the power to try on our clothing virtually, we can begin to rebuild the fashion industry with us at the center

We build tech that matters, even when it’s hard

Before ThredX, virtual closets lived only on movie screens. It's hard to build something without a roadmap, and the future will have challenges too - but nothing great ever comes easy. Regardless of obstacles we are dedicated to innovating with passion, curiosity, and mindfulness.

We build for you

Our purpose is and always will be to create a product that makes life easier for both you, and us. With your trust, support, and feedback, together we can transform the way we interact with our wardrobe.

We build for positive change

Difference drives stronger ideas and more thoughtful outcomes. We learn from, and partner with people of diverse backgrounds, abilities, beliefs, cultures, and disciplines to create a product that truly transcends.

Our team

Sean Sinko
CEO & Founder
Nicole Belans
CTO & Founder
Lindsey Newton
Bill Nguyen
Business Advisor
Joseph Johnson
Machine Learning Advisor
Joseph Steinberg
Cyber Security Advisor

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Rediscover your wardrobe and get dressed with confidence. The ThredX app will help to inspire all people to see, feel and claim their power